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Village Hall Private Hire

Mappington Village Hall plays an essential role within our community and is an important venue for village events, it was opened in 1963 by the people of the village for the continued use of the village.

The Hall comprises a large main hall with an open screen separated bar/serving area and can accommodate a maximum number of 100 people.  This maximum number must include disco/entertainment.  The hall has disabled access and disabled toilet facilities.  We have a large projector screen available should this be required.

The main hall space is approximately 11 m x 11 m which is large enough to accommodate a bouncy castle.  The maximum ceiling height is 350 cm (11′ 5″) with the width of the floor space within the highest area 550 cm wide. (18′ 0″).  This floor width measurement excludes the area below the sloping ceiling.  This gives an available bouncy castle floor space of H 350 cm (11′ 6″) x W 550 (18′ 0″)  x L 670 cm (22′ 0″).

There is a fully modernised kitchen, including freezer, microwave and hot water boiler.  The kitchen has a serving hatch opening into the hall.


The Hall is available for private hire at a cost of £70 for three hours, and then £20 for each hour thereafter.

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