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Resident Public Survey

Calling all residents (over 18 years old). The Pump Track project has a shortfall of £13,089 so we're carrying out a survey regarding increasing the precept.

Published: September 25, 2022

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The Pump Track project has a shortfall of £13,089. Factors that influenced this, included delays due to covid, the cost of the electricity supply connection, (which has doubled over the past few years) and the addition of a new Youth Shelter (which was not included in the original plans).

What does this mean to the council tax payer?

To proceed with the electricity connection for the lighting at a cost of £23,512 (ex VAT) and the addition of a Youth Shelter at a cost £9,513 (ex VAT). The Total amount the Council will need to apply for is £13k (subject to interest rates) borrowed over 5 years. This will mean a small rise to the precept, the equivalent of £2.64 per year on a band D property. A cost of just 22p per month.

This small rise will enable the project to receive all the grant funding awarded, meet the funding criteria, keep the users of the facility safe and enable the completion of the well-used, multi-use pump track.

** the energy saving LED lighting will go off at 9 p.m. **

Deadline for all responses is Friday 5 p.m. 28th October 2022

Please complete the 2-question survey by either;

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